Unfortunately, the extended political demonstrations in Bangkok, which ultimately concluded in a military coup and the establishment of martial rule, contributed to the decline in arrivals that occurred in 2014.

Pattaya had increased development in 2016, backed by the expansion of low cost aircraft network between Thailand and China and the healthy local market. The situation returned to normal in 2015, and Pattaya saw the situation return to normal in 2016.

Infrastructure Ramping Up

The opening of the EEC, the speedy construction of many new properties has all contributed to an increase in the number of domestic activities in Pattaya.

The rippling impact of the Chinese tour boat disaster near Phuket, the congestion at the two Bangkok airports, and the increased popularity of regional locations all contributed to the moderate rise that was reported from 2017 to 2019.

Hotel Bookings Increasing After November 2021

The world situation and the limitations that followed it have had a considerable negative impact on travel during the previous two years, especially on journeys that crossed international borders. Other platforms such as AirBnB accomodations also took a hit.

Since November 2021, after shutting its borders for the better part of two years, Thailand has been progressively reopening its doors to tourists from other countries.

However, the great majority of potential visitors were put off from making trip plans after learning about the many rules that needed to be followed, including as the extensive paperwork, and extra expenditures related with tests and insurance.

How Are Things Looking in 2023?

Now in 2022 we can see that travelers are returning to Pattaya and its guest friendly hotels. The winter of 2023 also promises many tourists back to this popular city. Hopefully, this trend will continue, and Pattaya can once again enjoy tourists numbers it was so famous for. 

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