Many of our users are new to this topic and would like to know what exactly are these “guest friendly hotels”. So we created this page to give some clarification on the topic.

Guest friendly hotels are also sometimes called no joiner fee hotels. What that means is that the person who booked the room is permitted to bring back any guest to their room without having to pay extra fees to the hotel.

If the hotel charges joiner fees, it can be anywhere from 500 Baht to 1500 Baht. The reason for the variance is that certain hotels will charge higher joiner fees if they are considered “higher quality” or more expensive relative to other hotels in the area.

The main issue is that not all hotels in Pattaya allow visitors for free. So you must know which places permit guests overnight, and that is why our listing of guest friendly hotels is so useful for many travelers.

How it Works

You simply book a girl friendly hotel, and make sure that your room is booked under “double occupancy”.

Then you can freely bring back any over night guest, free of charge. Just make sure that your visitor has their I.D. Card with them, since most hotel reception staff will ask for it, and they may take a photocopy or hold on to it for the remainder of the time your visitor stays in your room.