Welcome to the best guest friendly hotels in Pattaya listing for 2023!

As tourism and travel is back to “normal”, Pattaya still offers travellers many guest friendly hotels that which they can choose from. Although this may be true, the issue for most male tourists is that not all of the hotels allow guests to come back to the hotel for free.

Many of the hotels have an extra joiner fee, typically costing anywhere from 500 to 1500 Baht extra per person in the room. This causes a problem for many travellers who come to Pattaya, expecting to invite girls to the hotel.

That being said, its clear to see why girl friendly hotels are preferred: to avoid any added guest charges.

Our finalized list here is where you can browse all the hotels, from 1-star to 5-star luxury guest friendly hotels that will not charge any extra joiner fees for the visitors who stay in your room.

Pattaya city is a non-stop fun experience, especially since it has some of the best nightlife in all of Asia. It’s also considered to be one of Thailand’s most busiest cities when it comes to tourism.

A good portion of the guest friendly hotels in Pattaya may request that your visitor presents identification before granting them permission to be in your room. Furthermore, sometimes the hotel staff may call your room to get confirmation before releasing your guest.

We have listed the hotels under three budget levels:

  • Low Budget: 1-Star & 2-Star
  • Medium Budget: 3-Star
  • High Budget: 4-Star & 5-Star

To check the updated rates and current availability, simply click on the link we provide for each hotel listing.

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Low Budget Guest Friendly Hotels

Do you want to spend the least money, and are willing to compromise on certain hotel features?

Then these hotels may be on your radar! The low budget category is great for those travellers who are just looking for a basic, yet comfortable, place to stay — without the extra frills or facilities of the more expensive hotels.

P.72 Hotel – 2*

P.72 Hotel P.72 is one of the best guest friendly hotels in pattaya

One of the best value guest friendly hotels in Pattaya Walking Street.

P.72 Hotel is a with very good ratings and clean rooms. You are just steps away from the bars, nightclubs, and awesome seafood restaurants nearby.

Just keep in mind that the distance is around 1.4 KM away from the Central Festival Plaza area. Another thing to mention is that this area gets very noisy at night, so if you don’t mind that then this hotel is a great low priced guest friendly place to stay in Pattaya.

Walking Street Guest House – 1*

Walking Street Guest House Walking Street Guest House

This small guesthouse has two great things about it. One, its very affordable. Two, it is fully guest friendly. But other than that you can’t expect much from this one star hotel in Pattaya.

The standard rooms are very small, basic, but are very clean and comfortable.

The Superior rooms offer a larger space, with some better furnishings. The staff is very kind, and will easily allow you to bring back any visitors to your room. Perfect for those of you who want to right in the middle of the action on Pattaya’s Walking Street.

The Green View – 2*

The Green View room

The Green View is a great choice if you want to be near the nightlife fun on Walking Street. You are just minutes away from popular clubs such as Candy Shop & 808.

It is also one of the quieter hotels in Pattaya, but you should still expect some noise in the evenings.

The property itself is clean, with decent sized rooms for this price range. Just like you expect from a hotel in this area, it is very girl friendly and you can have your Pattaya guest stay overnight without extra joiner fees.

Dream Hotel Pattaya – 2*

Dream Hotel Pattaya Dream Hotel Pattaya

Another one of the smaller two star hotels around Walking Street.

The Dream Hotel in Pattaya is a great option for those of you that want to be near Walking Street, but not directly on it.

You can expect a more relaxed experience here, but still very close to all the bars and nightclubs.

The rooms here are simple, but comfortable enough to get a good nights sleep. Of course, at this price range you shouldn’t expect much in terms of extra facilities such as swimming pool or fitness center.

Expect a comfortable hotel, friendly staff, and to easily bring back visitors to your room.

Pasadena Lodge Hotel – 2*

Pasadena Lodge Hotel Room Pasadena Lodge Hotel

The Pasadena Lodge Hotel might be the perfect low-budget choice in the Soi LK Metro area in Pattaya.

It is a simple two star hotel in Pattaya, with very good ratings.

Although lacking in some amenities, the deluxe rooms are very large, extremely clean.

The Location is about 500 meters away from Central Festival Plaza and Beach Road areas. Furthermore, you are just steps away from the fun girly bars on LK Metro, and also many more expat bars and massage shops around Soi Buakhoa.

A great hotel, with decent reviews, and it’s fully guest friendly.

The Siam Guest House – 2*

The Siam Guest House Room The Siam Guest House

The Siam Guest House is located just steps away from many restaurants and bars on Pattaya 2nd Road.

A short travel to popular Central Festival Plaza (read more) and the famed Soi LK Metro is also just about 200 meters away.

The rooms are spacious, have a huge fridge, and decent Wifi connection. The staff is super kind and you will have your room cleaned daily. To finish off, the hotel is fully guest friendly.

Rest assured you can bring back visitors without extra frees.

Medium Budget Guest Friendly Hotels

Do you prefer a good balance of everything in hotel?

Then the medium budget may be suitable for you. Generally, these are the hotels that get booked the most, since they offer better features in terms of rooms and facilities, yet are more affordable than the high budget hotels.

Sawasdee Siam Pattaya Hotel – 3*

Sawasdee Siam Pattaya Room Sawasdee Siam Pattaya

Sawsdee Siam Pattaya is one of the larger three star guest friendly hotels in this price range.

Rooms are comfortable, even the standard rooms are spacious.

There is free WiFi throughout the building and in all rooms. Staff is super friendly, and your Pattaya guest is welcome free of charge.

You are near all the nightlife and bars on Second Road, but about 1.4 km away from the famed Walking Street in Pattaya. Another highlight of this accommodation is the beautiful outdoor pool.

Eastiny Seven Hotel – 3*

Eastiny Seven Hotel Room Eastiny Seven Hotel

One of popular Eastiny Brand Hotels in Pattaya, on the famous Soi 7 alley, just off Beach Road.

As you can imagine, it gets loud here at night due to the bars. If you don’t mind the extra noise then it might be a consideration for you, especially since some of the rooms have breathtaking ocean views.

The property and rooms is quite basic.

You won’t find many amenities here, and no in-room safe. However, this Pattaya hotel is comfortable enough for extended stays.

The outdoor pool on the 3rd floor, it gets decent sunlight but not many sun-loungers around.

Check our Eastiny Seven Guest Friendly Hotel Review for more info.

April Suites – 3*

April Suites Room April Suites

A lovely, modern, and comfortable three star hotel in Pattaya.

Rooms are fantastic, they are large, have modern furnishings, and fast Wifi. They also have built-in safe. amenities are great, you have a great rooftop swimming pool, fitness center, and sauna.

Another great thing is that you can use the facilities of the sister hotel August Suites just a couple minutes away. The reception at this hotel is also excellent.

Location is a bit far, being 2 km travel away from Walking Street. But the good thing is that you are close to Pattaya Beach, Central Festival Plaza, and the bars on Soi 6.

A highly recommended guest friendly hotel.

Eastiny Place Hotel – 3*

Eastiny Place Hotel Room Eastiny Place Hotel

The Eastiny Place Hotel is perfect for enjoying the nightlife and beer bars nearby, and also walking distance to the girly bars on Soi 6.

The hotel itself is really starting to show its age, but is still comfortable, and has good value for the price you pay.

All the rooms are well-sized, clean, and have good WiFi connection.

The outdoor pool on the 2nd floor is also one of the good things about this property. Nothing fancy here, just a good value guest friendly hotel.

August Suites – 3*

August Suites Room August Suites

The August Suites is a top-tier hotel, strategically located on Pattaya Central Road, very close to Soi Buakhao and 2nd Road.

You are basically right in the heart of the city, within walking distance to most places.

The rooms are all great, well-sized, solid furnishings, and excellent WiFi Internet speed.

The reception staff at this place is also very welcoming, with a kind attitude towards all guests. This is a friendly hotel in Pattaya. Plus, the gym and fitness center is great. Room service is also at your convenience, with plenty of Thai and International dishes.

Finally, the outdoor pool is the perfect way to cool off in the heat of the afternoon in Pattaya. The fact that its also listed as a guest friendly is like icing on the cake.

R-Con Residence – 3*

R-Con Residence Room R-Con Residence

The R-Con residence is located nicely in the Soi Buakhao area.

The rooms are excellent, very spacious, comfortable and cleaned by the housekeeping daily.

The main drawbacks to this place is that the property itself is quite old, and is lacking extra facilities. It sure could use an update soon. But the location, rooms and the fact that guest friendly make this a popular choice among many solo travellers.

There are lots of cafes, shops, bars, and massage shops all around this location. Popular among the expats due to the easy going entertainment nearby.

Eastiny Residence Hotel Pattaya – 3*

Eastiny Residence Hotel Room Eastiny Residence Hotel Pool

Situated on Soi 10, which is a nice and quiet area, but still very close to all the action in Pattaya.

The Eastiny Hotel is a three star hotel offering great value.

The building and rooms have undergone many renovations the past few years. The rooms are very clean, comfortable and have decent WiFi Internet. The outdoor pool is a good feature of this hotel.

The location is great, you are just a minute away from the beach, and many of the nightlife attractions nearby.

Being a Eastiny Brand, you can be assured that it is guest friendly, and you can easily bring back visitors to your room.

Nova Gold Hotel – 3*

Nova Gold Hotel Room Nova Gold Hotel Pool

The Nova Gold Hotel may be the perfect choice if you want to stay in a nice and quiet area in Pattaya. It is a three star hotel, with large rooms, friendly staff, and a tasty breakfast.

The facilities are also worth mentioning, as there is a fitness center, and a neat outdoor pool.

Your are still near the bars on Soi 6, and many massage parlors located on 2nd Road (North Pattaya). All things considered, this hotel is located far away from South Pattaya and Walking Street areas.

R-Con Blue Ocean Hotel Pattaya – 3*

R-Con Blue Ocean Hotel Room R-Con Blue Ocean Hotel Pool

Another R-Con Property here, this one is also located in the busy Soi Buakhoa area.

Expect some noise from the nearby nightlife attractions and bears. The rooms here are are a bit dated, but are very large and clean. The outdoor pool is also decent.

The location and the low prices are what attracts most people to book this accommodation. You are just steps away from many local bars and restaurants, and about 1 km away from Walking Street entertainment zone.

Eastiny Inn – 3*

Eastiny Inn Room Eastiny Inn Pool

Yet again, we have another Eastiny Brand Hotel making an appearance on this list.

This one is a smaller three star hotel located on Soi 8, which is one of Pattaya’s lively beer bar and entertainment areas. The hotel has seen many years, but offers excellent value.

The rooms are a decent size, clean, and have housekeeping daily. It even has a nice pool, which just adds more value at this price range.

If you don’t mind the extra noise at night then this hotel might be an option for you, especially since it’s guest friendly.

Nova Park Hotel – 3*

Nova Park Hotel Room Nova Park Hotel Pool

The Nova Park Hotel in Pattaya is offering a very peaceful and quiet stay.

Being about 2.5 km away from Walking Street makes it far distance to walk, but you can easily get there by walking to the main roads and taking the 10 Baht Songtaeow (Baht Bus).

The rooms are very comfortable, with a good size, housekeeping daily, and solid WiFi internet connection.

The gym and facilities are also good, there is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with many sun-loungers around.

All in all, this hotel is excellent value. Just the location might be a turn off for some travellers. If you don’t mind that, then you should consider the Nova Park Guest Friendly Hotel for your stay in Pattaya.

Dynasty Inn Pattaya – 3*

Dynasty Inn Pattaya Room Dynasty Inn Pattaya Terrace

The Dynasty Inn Pattaya is a well-managed three star hotel.

The location is also great, it is within walking distance to most of the attractions in the city, but a bit far from the Soi 6 Bars area in the north. This hotel is very clean, with spacious rooms, solid furnishings, and a welcoming staff.

There is a neat little rooftop terrace, with two plunge pools for you to cool off in hot Pattaya weather.

Flipper Lodge – 3*

Flipper Lodge Room Flipper Lodge Pool

The Flipper Lodge is frequently one of the popular guest friendly hotels in Pattaya. It has very good ratings. You got countless beer bars around here. The rooms have been renovated, with new updated flooring, comfortable furnishings.

The rooms with the ocean views are really nice. The friendly staff is wonderful, as is the security, which will assure your safety. Some more great features are the fantastic rooftop pool, which has a great view of Pattaya bay, and also a popular salon located right on the site.

The Privi Hotel Pattaya- 3*

The Privi Hotel Room The Privi Hotel Bath

The Privi Hotel is located in the popular Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato). The location is fantastic, you are about 1 km away from Walking Street, and just a couple minutes walk to the Beach. Many restaurants, shopping options nearby, including the popular Pattaya Avenue Mall. The property is very clean, with decent sized rooms which get housekeeping service daily.

Pattaya Loft – 3*

Pattaya Loft managed by Loft Group Room Pattaya Loft managed by Loft Group Pool

Another one of the centrally located guest friendly hotels, the Pattaya loft is offering a nice comfortable and peaceful place to stay. The main drawback is that you are quite a distance away from Walking Street, but its not that bad, a quick 10 Baht ride can get you there in no time.

The rooms are very spacious, spotless clean, have a fridge, kettle and more things for comfortable extended stays. There is also a outdoor pool at this place, which just ads to the amazing value. You want more? OK, its also fully guest friendly.

Mooks Residence – 3*

Mooks Residence Mooks Residence

The Mooks Residence is not a hotel, but a serviced apartment, so you get all the comforts of a hotel and service, but a bit more privacy.

The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay, including quality furnishings, a nice bed, kitchen appliances, and more. The location is in a quiet area of the city, and about 2.7 km away from Walking Street. The good thing is that you have some restaurants and cafes nearby.

Sabai Inn – 3*

Sabai Inn Sabai Inn Pool

An excellent rated hotel, the Sabai Inn is a comfortable guest friendly place to stay, and located in the north Pattaya area on Soi 2. You are just minutes away from Soi 6, the soapy massage parlors on 2nd road, and the Beach. The rooms have a cozy vibe to them, with a comfortable bed, and nightlights throughout.

Expect a pleasant stay here, especially due to the friendly staff. Walking Street can be accessed by the 10 Baht taxi along Pattaya Beach Road.

Pinewood Residence – 3*

Pinewood Residence Pinewood Residence Kitchen

The Pinewood Residence is a medium size serviced apartment located on the north side on 2nd Road. The rooms here are very spacious, especially the deluxe rooms.

Being a serviced residence means you get many of the comforts you need for extended stays, including some kitchen appliance, utensils, etc.

Location wise you are in a quiet area, closer to the bars on Soi 6 and the Big C shopping center. To get to Walking Street you can simply take the cheap Baht Bus taxi along Beach Road.

Basaya Beach Hotel & Resort – 3*

Basaya Beach Hotel & Resort Room Basaya Beach Hotel & Resort

The perfect choice for travelers who want to be centrally located, but stay in a hotel that feels like a resort.

The Basay Beach Hotel and Resort is one of the larger hotels in Central Pattaya.

The property is a bit dated by now, but they did some much needed renovations the last few years. All the rooms are spacious, have fee WiFi, and comfortable beds.

A standout feature from this place is the huge swim pool, which is easily one of the best in all of Pattaya. Regarding the location, you are about 340 meters away from Central Festival Pattaya Beach, and about a 5 minute walk to the Soi 6 bars.

Page 10 Hotel – 4*

Page 10 Hotel Room Page 10 Hotel

The Page 10 Hotel is a popular booking in the upper budget categories.

The location is really great at central Pattaya, you can get to most nightlife areas by foot. Walking street is about 1.3 km away, and you can quickly catch a 10 Baht taxi from Beach Road.

Rooms are fabulous, very spacious, with a modern and stylish bathrooms. The place has also gone some recent renovations, so you can expect even more modern furnishings throughout.

In terms of the hotel facilities you got an excellent outdoor swimming pool with nice views. This boutique hotel is guest friendly.

Amari Nova Suites Pattaya – 4.5*

Amari Nova Suites Pattaya Room Amari Nova Suites Pattaya

Amari Nova Suites Pattaya is revered as a top quality Pattaya Hotel. It is located in central, and far enough from the loud areas to give you peaceful nights sleep. The 10 Baht bus can be quickly access from 2nd road or Central Pattaya Road.

The property is very clean, with great facilities and staff. Rooms are also modern, and have comfortable beds. The hotel has guest friendly policy, and all staff is welcoming of visitors. Enjoy the hot Pattaya afternoon on the rooftop pool drinking a nice cold beer.

Bella Villa Cabana – 4*

Bella Villa Cabana Room Bella Villa Cabana

Wow, what a great hotel. The Bella Villa is a wonderful accommodation in Pattaya. The only thing is that it is located farther away in the Naklua area. But you can catch a quick motorbike taxi to get closer to the Walking Street nightlife.

The rooms here are very large (even the standard rooms) with extra comforts and conveniences for extended stays. This place has excellent value, especially since the pricing for this hotel is very low during the low season. Possibly the best guest friendly hotel in the Naklua area.

LK Metropole Hotel Pattaya – 4*

LK Metropole Hotel Room LK Metropole Hotel

Another reputable LK hotel here, without any joiner fee. This place is definitely one of the best LK brand of hotels in Pattaya for the medium budget.

The rooms are classically designed and very spacious. The location is right at the famous Soi LK Metro. You are near plenty of beer bars, massage shops and dining, and restaurants.

Central festival is about 640 m away. To enjoy the Walking Street entertainment it will be about a 20 minute walk. It has some nice facilities, including a beautiful and well maintained swimming pool.

Diamond City Place Hotel – 3*

Diamond City Place Hotel Room Diamond City Place Hotel

Hands down, one of the best three star hotels in Pattaya Beach. Diamond City Place Hotel is very affordable, and is often fully booked during the high holiday season.

The rooms on the large side, very clean, get serviced daily, and have good WiFi connection. The staff here is very friendly, and constantly making all guests feel welcome. The location is the south part of the city. You are near Soi Buakhao, and about 1 km from Walking Street.

Sunshine Hotel & Residences – 3*

Sunshine Hotel & Residences Room Sunshine Hotel & Residences

The Sunshine Hotel & Residences is still one of the popular guest friendly hotels in Pattaya, and it is located on Soi 8. So you are right where most of the beer bars are, and just a couple minutes walk to Central Festival Plaza.

This property has seen many years, but the rooms and other parts have undergone renovations in 2010. The standard rooms are fairly large, have a comfortable bed, and decent furnishings.

The rooftop pool could be one of the stand out features of this place, along with the perfect location.

High Budget Guest Friendly Hotels

Do you prefer a more luxurious hotel experience in Pattaya? Then check out these hotels. They are usually the ones with the extra room features, facilities, modern furnishings and more. The great thing is that these hotels are still considered cheap for foreigner standards.

Hilton Pattaya – 5*

Hilton Pattaya Room Hilton Pattaya

The Hilton Pattaya is one of the best places to stay in the city and it is offering the best in comfort, amenities, hospitality, and rooms. If you want a luxury experience, including a easy guest friendly policy, then this place may be for you.

The location is on Pattaya Beach Road, with some stunning ocean view rooms, and quick access to many bars and restaurants nearby. The rooms are different sizes, but they all are very comfortable, clean with modern furnishings.

This place also has one of the best outdoor rooftop pools in all of Pattaya, with some truly breathtaking views of the sea. This is the place to be, and highly recommended. The staff make this a welcoming, and friendly hotel in Pattaya.

Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya – 5*

Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya Pool

A lovely place. The Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya is superb hotel located at the end of Walking Street. You can quickly access the nightlife, restaurants and bars without using the baht bus to get around.

A great point about this place is the renovations it underwent a few years back. The upgrades gave the place a more quality and luxurious experience for all guests. The rooms are top notch, with comfortable bed, modern designs, and very clean.

The staff is also one of best, as you expect for these category of hotels. To enjoy this place even more you can head to the nice outdoor pool, with some awesome ocean views. A wonderful hotel without a joiner fee, it is recommended.

Amari Pattaya Hotel – 5*

Amari Pattaya Amari Pattaya Pool

The Amari Pattaya is a beautiful five star hotel located in North Pattaya. It is near many bars, the Big C shopping center, and a few popular soapy massage parlors. You really have everything around you, including the beach, which is just steps away.

The property itself is very large, with huge outdoor pool, and more on-site facilities. There is even a few great onsite bars and restaurants. The rooms have stunning ocean views, are very comfortable huge beds, spacious bathrooms, and quick WiFi connection. Room service offers a wide variety of great eats.

Highly recommended for being guest friendly, and offering a wonderful luxurious hotel experience in Pattaya.

Baraquda Pattaya – Mgallery – 5*

Baraquda Pattaya - Mgallery Room Baraquda Pattaya - Mgallery

Baraquda Pattaya – Mgallery is superb boutique hotel, and it could be one of the better guest friendly hotels to stay at this city.

Being on 2nd Road, it is near many bars, restaurants, and massage shops. It is also around 5 minutes walk to Pattaya Beach. But you may not even bother with the beach since the beach views on the rooftop terraces at this property are amazing. It also has extra facilities with a swimming pool, fitness, and restaurant.

The rooms are super comfortable, with a modern design, spotlessly cleaned daily, you can enjoy a fully five star Thai hospitality here. The staff is attentive, welcoming of all guests. I can probably say even more, but I think you get the point: The Baraquda Pattaya is the perfect hotel.

Avani Pattaya Resort – 5*

Avani Pattaya Resort Room Avani Pattaya Resort

The Avani Pattaya Resort is another luxury hotel for you to see in this city. If you think Bangkok has luxury hotels, just wait until you see this hotel! As expected, the rooms are superb, especially the Presidential Suite. It has a terrace, with amazing ocean and city views.

The grounds and rooms are all very clean, with a modern furnishings throughout. WiFi speeds are decent, and we didn’t experience many dropouts during our stay. It has a guest friendly policy, you can bring back any visitors at no extra costs.

Finally, the staff and management here is one best, with very fast and efficient check in check out process.

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel – 5*

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel Room Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

The Royal Cliff Beach Hotel is truly one the most comfortable guest friendly hotels on this list, without any joiner fee.

It is a five star hotel, located a bit farther from the busy Walking Street and surround nightlife areas. The experience here is very peaceful and quiet, but still only a few minutes ride away from the busier areas in South Pattaya.

All the rooms are decent size, and offer a functional yet luxurious experience. As the hotel states, it is focused on the idea of “casual luxury”.

Facilities are also excellent, with a fitness center, restaurant and gorgeous outdoor rooftop pool with ocean views. This place must truly be seen to be fully appreciated. The kind and helpful staff is the finishing touch to this amazing hotel near Pattaya Beach.

InterContinental Pattaya Resort – 5*

InterContinental Pattaya Resort Room InterContinental Pattaya Resort

Another property in the Phra Tamnak Hill area. The Intercontinental Pattaya Resort is a wonderful five star hotel with very excellent ratings.

The place has a great private feeling about it, and very peaceful. Having only 174 rooms makes it one of the smaller and cozy hotel experience. There is even a gorgeous private beach only for use by guests.

All the rooms are very spacious, with comfortable mattresses, nice garden and ocean views. As expected, the WIFI is high quality, as is the connection throughout the hotel.

A great thing to do here is just relax in the lobby with some drinks, and seeing the amazing beach views. A truly great guest friendly hotel.

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