We get quite a few messages where users and travelers wish to know more about these types of hotels. In this resource page we have made it easy for you to find answers to your questions about these types of accommodations in Pattaya.

Please see the following most asked inquiries on girl friendly hotels

Question: I booked a hotel, but not sure if it guest friendly, what can I do now?

Answer: You can always email or call the hotel and asked them if they charge joiner fees, they will gladly let you know of their hotel policy.

Question: Don’t all hotels allow visitors for free?

Answer: Unfortunately no. Most hotels will allow you to register two person per room, but that is only at the initial check in process. Hotels that are not guest friendly will not permit you to bring random visitors to your room, especially for overnight stays. The main point is that most travelers to Pattaya wish to bring back many visitors throughout their stay. So staying in a girl friendly hotel is really the best option for these travelers.

Question: Where Can I find hotels in Bangkok that are guest friendly?

Please check out this site for the best hotels in Bangkok

Question: Do guest friendly hotels cost more for this policy

Answer: No. The policy does not affect the price of the hotels. It simply is a policy that they have and they do not affect the final booking price. In other words, a hotel is either fully guest friendly for all rooms, or not. It is not an “added on” option when you book.

Question: Are Ladyboys allowed in girl friendly hotels?

Yes, if they hotel allows overnight visitors free of charge, then that will not affect what gender your guest is. In all our experience we have not encountered a guest friendly hotel that did not allow ladyboys as guests.

Question: Are AirBnB’s guest friendly?

That depends on the host and what rules they have. We actually wrote a article on our blog about AirBnB here.