Quite a few travelers are in the search for guest friendly AirBNB rooms in pattaya. While its true that you can easily find hotels like that in Pattaya, finding a AirBnB that allows random guests over is not that common. There are some factors to consider, which we will point out in this article.

The AirBnB booking platform allows travelers to book rooms, or a full condo or house. These places are privately owned, and are available for short term, or medium term renting.

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the popular AirbnB app revolutionized the way people book accommodations

Contrary to popular belief, they are not that similar to hotels, and people planning on booking from AirBnB should know a few things.

First off, guest friendly hotels allow you to bring any guest you want over. Which means you can bring any random guest to your room, as long as they have an ID to show to the reception.

Most AirBnB bookings will not allow multiple guests over. They may allow 1 extra person in the room, as long as you register their name during the booking process. This can make it difficult if you don’t know your guests name at the time of the booking. Although many AirBnB hosts allow you to register an extra guests name after the booking.

Sometimes you will need to notify your host about each guests name that comes over to room. They will need this information to register with the condo security.

Because most AirBnB bookings in Pattaya are in private condos, they have security and reception staff that will require you to register your guests when they come over. And if your guests name is not on listed on the guest list they make need further permission from the AirBnB host in order to allow your visitor to enter the condo.

Confirm Extra Guest Rules With Your AirBnB host

The most important thing is to confirm with the AirBnB host about having extra guests over. You need to be 100% sure about the protocols and rules they have for their booking. You should also know of any extra fees for extra guests under your reservation.

Guest friendly hotels are less of hassle when it comes to having visitors come to your hotel. In other words, you will be certain you can bring random people over, whenever you want, and they can stay overnight.

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