Walking Street in Pattaya is not a bad place to stay. The main complaint that we hear from many travelers is the loud noises from the crowds, nightclubs and bars. But there is more to just loud sounds on this exciting street.

The Location Can Be Great

One reason to stay here is the location. if you enjoy going out at night, hitting up the go go bars and nightclubs, then it pays to stay to stay in a guest friendly hotel on Walking Street. The scenes on Walking Street is lively– not only in the nightclubs and bars, but from the crowds, street shows and general party atmosphere.

finding a guest friendly hotel on Walking Street is not hard, but you might want to consider the noise at night.

That being said, the place does quiet down during the days. Generally speaking, the street starts getting busy from 7 PM on wards.

An added bonus of Staying on Walking Street is that you can walk to the venues near by, without having to travel much.

If you like to drink, you can have some peace of mind that your hotel is not that far away. And when you decide to barfine a lady from the bar, you can get to your hotel in no time — without having to take any transportation like motor taxis, or baht bus.

Most of the Walking Street hotels do not have extra facilities such as outdoor pool, and fitness centers. They hotels are not large, and seem to have less guests and rooms than the other bigger hotels in Pattaya.

Staying on this street has its ups and downs. Some people love it, and others hate. There are others who only stay on Walking Street for a few days, just to party and enjoy the vibe of the street. This is especially true on the weekends when it peaks in terms of foot traffic and entertainment.

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