Having an enjoyable trip in Pattaya is a goal of many travelers. Of course, man of us want to relax on holiday, and let our guard down. But even on Holiday we must be aware of some basic things to make our hotel room booking as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Book Rooms That Have a Safe

It can be a wise choice to book a room that comes with a built in safe. You can lock up your valuables, cash, jewellery, and any other items that you want to store out of site.

From personal experience, it is very rare that a room safe gets broken into. Non of our group members have ever had anything stolen from their room safe. That being said, it can still be a possibility. And there are people who have reported things missing from a safe. Unfortunately, these situations could happen, but highly unlikely, especially at the reputable and highly rated hotels.

Extra Facilities

Having access to a swimming pool, fitness center and other such facilities can be a great experience. If you enjoy having extra facilities on hand, then you should consider booking properties that have such features.

These extra features are also great to use when you want to relax, or when you happen to have any guest over at your hotel. Having these extra features usually costs a bit more, but can be surely worth it. Read the guest reviews to see what facilities other guests enjoyed.

Breakfast Service

Many guest enjoy having breakfast service at their Pattaya Hotel. Although there are plenty of restaurants around in Pattaya, some guests prefer to have the convenience of eating their breakfast on location.

Adding the breakfast option usually costs slightly more, or it can be even free at some hotels.

If you do happen to pay for the breakfast service, make sure that you read the reviews about it. If the other guests say good things about it then you can get an idea of what the food is like.

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