The Royal Cliff Beach Hotel is without a doubt one of the most welcoming and pleasant hotels on our list, and there is no joiner charge associated with staying there.

It is a five star hotel that is situated a little farther away from the lively Walking Street and the regions around it that are known for their nightlife. Even though you are just a short taxi ride away from the more bustling parts of South Pattaya, you will find that the atmosphere here is really calm and serene.

Each of the rooms has a respectable size and provides a setting that is both practical and elegant. The hotel promotes the concept of “casual luxury” as its primary selling point, and rightfully so.

Parking is available for free for those coming with a vehicle. With front desk amenities like concierge service, quick check-in or check-out, baggage storage, and safety deposit boxes, you can always obtain the help you need.

The hotel’s ticket service and tours make it simple to reserve the best seats and get reservations at the popular restaurants. Your preferred travel attire is kept clean and accessible in the laundromat, dry cleaners, and laundry service for longer stays or anytime you need it.

Dining Options at Royal Cliff Beach Resort Hotel Pattaya

The facilities are also quite high-quality, and include a restaurant, a fitness centre, and a stunning outdoor rooftop pool with views of the ocean. In order to get a proper appreciation for this location, one must go visit it. This beautiful hotel close to Pattaya Beach has a kind and welcoming staff that goes above and beyond to meet guests’ needs.

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