In Pattaya, the Flipper Lodge is consistently ranked as one of the hotels with the highest number of returning customers. It has received extremely positive evaluations. There are an overwhelming number of beer pubs in this area. The rooms have been upgraded with contemporary flooring and comfy new furniture as part of the renovation.

The accommodations that face the ocean are our favourites to stay in. You won’t have to worry about your safety thanks to the excellent security and the great, helpful employees. There is also a well-known salon directly on the premises, which is another one of the property’s many appealing features. The rooftop pool is spectacular, and it offers a breathtaking view of Pattaya harbour.

Is Flipper Lodge Guest Friendly?

Yes, Flipper Lodge in Pattaya is guest friendly, read more reviews below:

The Flipper Lodge is a place I’ve stayed at quite a few occasions. The location is extremely important. The hotel’s front stairs lead to the beach, which is a 30 seconds stroll away. Additionally, the Central Festival is located only across the block. Inside are several dining options, including fast food eateries. Moreover, a theatre showing the most recent films to hit the big screen. Furthermore, a 7-11 convenience shop is nearby. Next is the nightlife, which is almost on the hotel’s front steps. I am never troubled extra noises that are scattered all around the hotel because of the way it is set up. The hotel’s personnel is outstanding. They are kind, friendly, and highly helpful in any circumstance. The accommodations are tidy and clean. excellent room service They provide a tasty and welcoming breakfast buffet that is constantly available. They provide a huge selection of foods. I often suggest this hotel to anyone.