One of Pattaya’s most well-known Eastiny Brand Hotels, located on the lively Soi 7 alley, only a short distance from Beach Road. Because of all of the bars in this area, the noise level increases significantly after dark. If you don’t mind the additional noise, then it may be something to think about for you, particularly considering that some of the rooms offer amazing views of the ocean.

Eastiny Seven Guest Friendly Hotel

The accommodations at the facility are rather simple, yet they are enough for longer visits due to their level of comfort. The outdoor pool, which is located on the third level, receives a good amount of sunshine, however there are not enough sun loungers nearby.

Is Eastiny Seven Hotel Guest Friendly?

Yes, Eastiny Seven Hotel in Pattaya is guest friendly, read more reviews below:

I was startled to find the lack of choice for breakfast, although it has been a few years since our last visit to the property. I ate at the places nearby . There were no issues with the room rate, the service, the pool, or the employees. We were greeted like long-lost relatives upon our return.

The WiFi signal is good in all of the rooms, and we did not experience any slowdown even during busy hours, which is a definite plus. The location is excellent since it is simple to go anywhere, and the beach is so close to this place. Simply because of its convenience, I always recommend going there.

This is an excellent hotel that offers a professional and pleasant staff in addition to a premium location (one that is close to everything). I enjoyed my time there the first time, and I want to go again. The personnel at the hotel is kind and helpful, and they assisted me with a variety of matters. They checked me in and got me out of there really promptly. Staying in the heart of all the activities, and within walking distance of the nightlife is where I’d rather be. I was relieved that they assigned me a room that did not have any groups or children that made a lot of noise.