Another of the lesser hotels on and around Walking Street that only has two stars. Those of you who would want to be close to Walking Street but not really on it may consider staying at the Dream Hotel Pattaya. This is an excellent choice for you. You may anticipate a more laid-back atmosphere here, despite the fact that you will be in very close proximity to all of the pubs and nightclubs.

The rooms aren’t fancy, but they’re functional and provide everything you need for a restful night’s sleep. At prices in this level, it is reasonable to anticipate a limited selection of supplementary amenities, such as a swimming pool and a fitness centre, among other things. However, you should anticipate a pleasant hotel, a helpful staff, and the ability to bring people back to your room with ease.

Is Dream Hotel Pattaya Guest Friendly?

Yes, Dream Hotel Pattaya Is Guest Friendly, check out some more reviews below:

The Dream Hotel lives up to its name as a budget-friendly option that’s conveniently placed within walking distance of the main nightlife areas.

An excellent breakfast may be had in the restaurants around, for less than 25$ per night, and this cost includes some more great features. The front desk is staffed all the time by friendly, helpful people. Additionally, the cctv and security do give us some extra peace of mind. 

The hotel makes phone calls to check on guests, including the women staying there, to make sure everything is well. Be reasonable in your expectations, since the cost does not allow for extravagance. The rooms are spotless, with functional air conditioning and drawers. Maybe the showers need some upgrades. Basically, a fantastic pick for those on a tighter budget.